-{ Walking Down The Halls }-

Walking down the halls I see
Crowds of people all around me.
Some are happy, some are sad
Some are even downright mad.
They talk or yell, some are throwing chalk
I block them out and continue to walk.

I walk alone and begin to think
Are they talking about me? Do they know what I think?
The fact that some may stare is true,
But I hate when they yell, when they do what they do.
They put you down, in front of your face
Where can you run to in this dreadful place?

So scared and meek, I begin to feel
Why does this happen? Why is it real?
I never speak out, never seem to care
But it bothers me inside, all this mixed up fear.
So I continue my walk, being careful not to fall
Walking, walking, walking down the halls.

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