-{ People Do Care }-

What can I do?
Never felt this alone before
I must admit, I miss you so much
But if time heals all, why do I still feel this way?

Lost and confused
I struggle through each day
More and more painful memories coming true
I wish I knew how to get out of this bottomless pit I'm in

Then you turned to me and said
Life wasn't worth living, you'd rather be dead
And I felt a stab through my poor broken heart
Please don't think that way anymore, it scares me...

I was like you, wishing for death
But life can't get better until it gets worse first
So I go through each day, barely living
But I guess itís better than nothing

And when night comes, I realize I'm still alone
I'm sorry to say that I think of you
And I pray that you made it through today as well
So, I guess...
     When it comes down to it...
          If you died, I wouldn't know what to do

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