-{ You Promised Forever }-

You promised me forever
And left with a goodbye
"Be strong," you said, "move on... "
And I tried hard not to cry
But inside I was drowning
From the ocean of tears
That had not seeped past
My squeezed shut eyes
And inside I was trembling
How could all of this be happening now?
Feeling sick and sorry
Although I didn't know why
And you stayed angry on the phone
Telling me everything I said was a lie
And that words mean nothing to you
So you couldn't believe me anymore
But how do you tell the truth
To someone who believes you are lying
Whenever you speak?
Speechless, I was
Left hurt and broken
Alone on my island of fear once again
But only stranded there
Because you took my only hope
Of ever getting rescued
When you hung up the phone
And left me to die
Left me to cry
Left me to feel so much hurt
And hatred inside
And love that I thought
You had shared with me
Leaving me broken, hungry,
And tormented inside
Nails sharp as daggers
Piercing my flesh
Tearing my heart out
From within my chest
Eyes blood-shot and tired
From holding back tears
Cheeks stained from the few
That spilled over
And still now when thinking
About you and what you have done
I still now feel hatred
And pain from you
Left stranded on my island
And haunted by you
You promised forever
And left with a goodbye
And still to this very day
I can never trust your lies
So I hope you are happier
Now with my best friend
And I hope she sees through you
And leaves you tormented in the end
Because you deserve it
Yes, you really do
And I shutter to think
That after everything
After almost ten months
Of happiness
I have come full-circle
And I hate you

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