-{ Twisted Alphabet }-

Constant confusion continues coldly
Fragile, frail form
Slipping slowly through suns and shadows
Lost, lonely, lucky girl
Wishing was a war not won

Dark down dooms death
A hopeless heart hurts
Escape enchantment eternally
Become barren beyond belief

If impossibilities intimidate interaction
And animals are artificial
Giving guesses to games in gratitude
Really relying on returning remembrances
That thoroughly tramp through truth
Viciously vanquishing the vanished

Justly juggling jagged jousts
Kings keeping keys
Quiet, quaint quarters
Making moving more madly musical

Never needing nevermore
Or obviously organized obscurities
Pouring past present purity
Using unique understanding
You yell yearning yules
Zany zen zulu
X-pertly x-pected

And this is how I feel
In the twisted alphabet
Of confused emotions
And never-ending death
Due to heartbreak
And failure

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