-{ Perfect Love }-

Wishing always
Upon the stars
Wanting that perfect love
I know to exist
Now that I have it
I've found one more
A new love
More perfect than this
Could it be a trick?
A test? A message?
Or simply the truth?
Wondering mind tricks
Figuring things out
Slow, steady steps
Tip-toeing closer
Testing this new love
Proving me wrong
It is the real thing
But how can that be?
I already found love
But this is offering,
With so much more
But I am happy
With what I have
Why change?
Change is always for the best
Damn him for his love
His perfection
Damn him to Hell
Oh, wait...
I am his Hell
But also his Heaven
His nightmare
And sweetest dream
I am everything
I am the world
To two different people
Why me? Why now?
Why, why, why?

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