-{ Butterflies }-

These caterpillars have grown
My, how big they are!
And now cocooned, they are sleeping
And they lie in wait
For exactly the right time
To awaken

Suddenly, the time arrives
And the caterpillars rush forth
Breaking from the cocoons
That have kept them inside
And burst out their new wings
As they begin to flutter
Causing anticipation
Within ones veins

Wings that dry quickly
Causing the new butterflies
To take flight
Only to realize they are confined
Within ones stomach
And needing food they land
And begin to feed off the flesh
From the inside out
Until one is so racked with nerves
They cannot sit still
Yet, cannot move either
For fear has been born
From the feasting butterflies
That were once quiet cocoons
That were once tiny caterpillars
Who meant no harm at all

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