-{ Best Friends - Dedicated to Heather }-

Look! Here we are at age eighteen
Graduated from the same High School
And smiling proudly at the camera
I think my Mom took this picture

Memories flooding our brains
From then until now
Still best friends, since we made the promise
Way back in second grade

You remember "Snoopy Points"
And all the best cat tales
I remember Imagination Station
And all our petsí names

We remember the crushes
So many of them for us!
All of them named "Milo"
...Well, at least yours were

And of course the cows (and sheep)!
From Richardsonís Ice Cream
Where we played Mini Golf to get thin,
Then ate ice cream to get fat

All the fights and arguments
We had along the way
All the laughter and joy...
We shared almost everything

And even now we are still close
Although I have moved away
But of course I love you girl
I still think about you every day

So what are friends for?
Best friends for life!
You and I are the strangest two
But thatís just part of the memories

Thatís just part of being
your best friend
And I couldn't ask
For anything more

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