-{ Beautiful Day - Dedicated to Honey (R.I.P.) }-

The sky was so blue
Cloudless and sunny
Gentle breezes

But you were sick

Dry nose and tears
Too weak to even sit,
Let alone stand

It was your time

We drove to the hospital
And then a second one
It was an emergency

You were very sick

The doctor said we could visit
They hooked you up to machines
You were dehydrated

I kissed you good-bye

We were sad and quiet
On the ride home
It was a beautiful day

Our hearts were heavy

The doctor called soon
As we arrived home
They tried everything

It was too late

We cried in tears
As we picked up your body
It was such a clear sky

And we were so sad

But when we got home
I was so angry
And I shouted to the sky

Just give me a sign

A sign that you were ok
Up there and watching
Your family in tears

Our hearts breaking

And the wind picked up gently
Calming me down
I wiped my tears away

And saw a crow

The sky was so blue
Cloudless and sunny
Perfect and lovely

As we buried your body

I will never forget
You were my friend, my sister
I will always love you

And smile for the crows

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