-{ The Impossible Dream - Dedicated to My Ex-Boss DB }-

The pain and sorrow
Melting away
The sun returns
From within rainy skies
I heard the news
From around the office
Looks like they heard us
And all said good-bye
They gave you a chance
To turn things around
You didn't listen
So now you are gone
And no one misses
All of your pride
All of your lies
All of your stupidity
Your lack of judgment
Your lack of compassion
Your lack of emotion
All the times we confided in you
Only to find the whole office knew
All the times we trusted you
Only to find you snitched on us
All of the times we did what you said
Only to find that it was us taking the blame
For breaking the rules

No more headaches

No more lies

No more struggles to get to work

We're so much better without you

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