-{ The Game }-

At first it was a game
Me trying to seduce you into me
Me trying to win your heart with my body
But then it happened
And the game continued to play
As you continued to cheat and come back with me
Exploring the unknown
Feeling and living the high
And I let you inside
Showed you everything
You never had to ask

When she called me about you
I told her to let you go
You weren't worth her time
Ignoring her and thinking of me (secretly)
And so she said she would call you
And tell you it was over
And I hung up, then rolled over to face you
Laying beside me the whole time
And when your phone rang, you silenced it
And the game continued throughout the night

Now you are mine forever
And you have no doubts about what you did
To her, with me
And I don't care either way, although
You are over more often than not
And wanting me badly every time you see me
So I give in to you
No regrets
The next morning is never dull
And leads into the night quickly

Once I was alone and awoke to sounds of knocking
Finding you outside my door
I asked you what you were doing, it was late
You said you missed me
And I let you come in
But things were different
Something permanent in place
As you held me and asked me questions
About my past, my feelings, desires, dreams
I tried not to answer, afraid
But you didn't insist
And strangely enough I felt it
This connection, burning passion
It took over and I took you to bed

The next day, you lingered
Said you didn't want to ever leave me
I hid a small smile of disbelief
And decided to answer your questions from before
You listened, playing with my hair
I talked softly, delicately resting on your chest
And when I finished, there was silence
I expected you to leave
But you instead hugged me closer, holding me
And whispered three words I had wanted to say
Coming from your lips, they were so sincere
And I repeated them back to you
Hoping they sounded all right
And suddenly I knew, I felt it
The game had ended long ago
I had won, but so had you
And now the game was done

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