-{ Whispered Words }-

That's it, just relax. Let me inside you
--inside your head, inside your soul, inside your heart--
Let me become you for a moment.
Let me see what you see,
Hear what you hear,
Feel what you feel...
Let me inside.
Your beauty overwhelms me.
Your knowledge befounds me.
How is it that one so young can know so much?
How can you shun life so easily?
Why are you so morbid for someone so beautiful?
My beautiful girl...
My sweet, sweet girl...
My everything, always.
Please let me in. I just want to help.
I just want to know you, inside and out
--know everything about you--
But not until you're ready to tell me.
That's it, just relax. Let me inside you...
You know I'm listening. You know I care.
I won't tell your secrets. Trust me.
I'm here for you honey. Always and forever, no matter what.

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