-{ Should've Known Better }-

The abuse was physical
It was mentally disabling
It was real
You would shout, nit-pick
Make me feel useless, so very small
And then would come the beatings
What started as gentle taps,
Became hard hits and slaps and grabs
Bruises to be hidden
Tears to be washed away
Cuts to be healed
My mental state became unstable
You seized the opportunity
You diseased my head with thoughts
Of not being good enough for anyone
For anything
And I would agree because it would make you happy
Because I thought you were right
Because I thought you were everything
Until I opened my eyes
And saw the monster I was sleeping with
I saught out the help I needed
To make my great escape
And fled in fear and tears
Because everything I had lost while with you
Can never be found again
And starting from scratch is easier
Than dealing with the scratches I got from you

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