-{ Nowhere }-

equidistant shadows
you hang all your hopes on falling stars
running as though sunk in quicksand
you're getting nowhere

the most patient child
bouncing off the world
crying so long, forgot the cause of pain
you're getting nowhere

oxy-moron metaphors
reaching down inside yourself
empty and full of nothingness
you're getting nowhere

all your colors are flavors
vanilla lace and chocolate satin
covered up in all your camouflaged lies
you're getting nowhere

stop, spin around, go again
red and green flashing in order
every piece splits off from the center
you're getting nowhere

melted snowflakes
the world seems to ice over
where is my umbrella?
you're getting nowhere

parade outdoors in masks
fake smiles never shined so brightly
no one seems as broken as me
I'm getting nowhere

treading in black tar
moments slow and stop reluctantly
squeezing every promise from me
we're getting nowhere

without the second hand
time means nothing
circles can be confusing
when no one gets anywhere at all

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