-{ Martyr }-

I fell in love with a martyr
A saint, so simple and true
I fell so hard and completely
I didn't know what else to do
I begged for his help when I needed it
And he never once fell through
I clawed at his body when I wanted it
And he never once refused me
I leaned on him so heavily
And he never once broke from my weight
I thought he was so pure, untainted
My perfect, angelic saint
But somewhere between the lines
Of have and have not words
Muddied thoughts of hatred
Began to become hard
And suddenly my martyr
My saint, so simple and true
Pushed himself away from me
And pushed me away too
My dependency drove him to run
And he spread his wings and flew
Which caused me to break down
What now was I to do?
I had no one to talk to
No one to lean on
No one there for me at all
And the pain he left me in
Bleeding... ruining everything
And anything there was before
So suddenly I realized
My independence was gone
And with it, my martyr
Who only wished for me to be strong

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