-{ Make Your Move }-

Feel me there
Beside you
Holding your hand
Walking in step
As you face the challenges ahead

Hear me there
Inside you
Whispering encouragement
When you need confidence
To do what it is you came here for

See me there
Before you
Eyes fixated upon you
Urging you with all my tears
To say what it is you feel you have to

Your broken wings and my broken heart
My fragile wings and your fragile soul
The delicate balance between us
And all at once everything can come
Crashing down, burying us completely
To a starting point, allowing us to breathe peacefully

It's your move
Don't make it your last
I'll say what I have to
I'll speak only truth in short breaths
While you will choose your riddles
To say what needs to be said
But in the end it's you who decides
Which one of us will fly
And which one of us will die

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