-{ I'll Always Be - Dedicated to Kyle }-

Sometimes things are hard
And it hurts to live them through
But remember

There are those who only wish
For your smile everyday
They--like you--hate seeing pain
But yet, they are also suffering

Concealing the hurt only gets you so far
And although the path is littered
And hard to walk upon
Without losing your way
You stumble forwards

I will always be here for you
No matter what you are going though
Itís safe to say that I love you
How much is yet to be determined
The walls are still there
But glass now instead of concrete

So if you need me, just say so
I'll be here no matter what
And remember that you are loved
Even with all your scars and troubles

Because even though I'm not you
And I haven't lived your life
I have been living in the same world as you
And I understand what itís like
And my wishes may not be big
And they might never come true
But I keep on wishing

Because sometimes, itís the only thing to get me through

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