-{ Grin And Bare It }-

Youíre pinning me down--
     against the wall, the bed, the door--
You wonít stop, you canít stop
Only doing what you know

You say you love me, you worry, you want to protect me
I want you to just let me go
Forget, forgive, move on
But stop hurting and I know
Thatís the hardest part

Love isnít the same
You think I donít understand
How you feel, how it hurts,
     How everything is falling apart
The sound of your heart shattering before you
The feeling of pain washing over you every moment
Trying to hold back a constant sea of tears
Not knowing whys and hows and whatís going on
Feeling lost and confused
All the time

I understand this perfectly
Knew it would hurt, and be hard
But you must be strong now
And if itís meant to be know that I will be back
Just donít rely on that notion forever
Because it will only hinder your life from moving forward

Grin and bare it
And move on

Knowing youíre here for me is more than enough for me

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