-{ Down }-

It's like falling down
     hitting the ground so hard
I will never see your face again
     it doesn't matter anymore
And everyone has their own opinions
     advice that is better not listened
But they say what I do
     guess the truth falls on deaf ears
They tell you assumptions
     i guess you'll always believe them
Walking, mindless shadow
     you've taken what was always yours
I will just keep bleeding
     talking to these white walls
And when years have passed
     will you even remember me?
Silence is my answer
     and my biggest enemy right now
Loving you right now
     well, it makes no sense
But it's all I've got
     your secrets with me will remain
Suffocating intoxication
     figures it'd turn out this way
Cruel and meaningless
     i should have just turned and walked away
Fate tied to you eternally
     why do i still feel this way?
Star-crossed lovers?
     i wish we could just be friends again
          oh, how i hate myself now
               and will always

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