-{ The Difference }-

Funny how the songs I love
Are the ones you love to hate
I say we don't go out enough
You say "We date..."
You want colored contacts for more flattery
I tell you your beautiful everyday, I guess that means nothing
When I try to kiss you in public
You look the other way
I say "I love you" all the time
You say it once a day
I do little things to make you smile
You frown and growl about how I don't do anything at all
I buy you things and shower you with attention
You ask me for money and leave me home alone
You go out with your friends every chance you get
I try to do that but you hold me back
I listen to my music when you're not around
The moment you come back, the television's on
You do little things that annoy me all the time
I keep all my annoyance deep inside me
When I do something that ticks you off
You hardly keep your voice down as you yell
Sometimes you block me out when I tell you my tales
But when you talk to me, I'm all ears
I want to be more like me, so you make me more like you
You take me shopping, but I can't buy what I want to
You make me miserable, but I'm lost without you

It bothers me that you've put up such walls
I need you feeling comfortable with me again
Like it was at the beginning, before my world crashed down
How you helped me back on my feet
And taught me about the city life
And how you protected me, but weren't overly so
It always made me smile because it showed you cared
I want your smiles back in my life
I want you less stressed, and more affectionate everyday
I guess I just want the real you back in my life
Please remember how it was before and understand this
I love you, but I'm feeling so unloved

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