-{ Broken-Hearted }-

You become so unstable
It happens in a moment
Everything falls apart
Everything is left blurry
Seeing the world through
tear-streaked eyes
The sound of your heart
Breaking again
And you don't even move
To collect the pieces
Collapsed to the floor
Phone dropped beside you
Shivering in pain and confusion
You cry out in silent sobs

It's times like these
Your true friends come back to you
They try their best to comfort
And lift you off the floor
Take you home early
But unable to stay there
They tell you everything will be alright
Even though they can't begin
to believe it themselves
They leave you in the sight of death
You reach for it, and stumble
Death will never be yours now
Visible scars leave no remorse
Supposed to serve as relief
But only serve as painful reminders

You are dizzy with nausea
When your friends return for you
And they are shocked at what they see
Although would have done the same
Had they been in as much pain as you
But they stay with you now
Unable to leave you alone
Trust broken and shattered
Like your heart on the floor
No one can help you now
But you don't want help anyway
You just want answers and an end
To this painful misery

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