-{ Beautiful Wolf }-

Beautiful wolf
You amaze me
I can get so close to you
And never feel fear
I don't tremble when you touch me
And your eyes only gaze at me
With utmost appreciation
And your deepest love

Beautiful wolf
I never doubted you
You were always there for me
No matter what
And still shall remain
Even through my pain and suffering
That I have cast upon you
But never meant any harm

Beautiful wolf
Your snowshoe hare is frightened
She is unable to hop forwards
But refuses to look back
And she knows the pain she has caused you
And is so sorry
But see her life through her eyes
And you might understand

Beautiful wolf
If you are to be my forever
Then let me wander alone for now
Let me see what it's like
Without you by my side
If just for a little while
Let me build up strength, hope, courage
Let me work on my love

Beautiful wolf
You are everything I never knew I wanted
And you always will remain as such
I hope you can understand my reasons
But please don't loose your touch
I've shown you so much already
And I'm so thankful for what you have shown me
But for now, your snowshoe hare alone will be

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