-{ Bad Weather }-

You've found your clarity in the darkness
Only now it might be too late
And you know this, you feel this
But you tell me anyway, just to be safe
Just to put the idea in my head
That it could be more... it could be us...
And you get me all confused
Crying in the pouring rain
Drenched and cold and shivering
Silly things I should have said
I said right then
Things I should have told you from the start
I said right then
And you said yours back
And we are drowning ourselves
Anchoring us together by default
By destiny... maybe fate? I don't know which
Or what to believe anymore
Because this is the one thing I've wanted forever
The one thing
And now that it's happening
It feels so wrong... so out of place
Bad timing
Bad timing
Bad timing
But would it ever be right? Could it be?
Will I let it be? Will I...
Just so you know
The weather today is heavy clouds of confusion,
Followed by drizzles of depression and decision-making
And I hate this weather
And I hate this feeling
But I knew it was going to happen
Bad timing... all wrong
My head is made up, but as much as I think so
My heart is still split in two
Non-equal halves, but split
And it leaves me with nothing but this weather
And a handful of fears, tears, and burning
For a solution to a problem that shouldn't have ever been in the first place
I close my eyes and breathe

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