-{ Southern Gentleman }-

I remember asking you one day,
"What does that mean, 'Southern Gentleman'?"
And you smiled as you told me
That it was simple Southern Hospitality
But I still didn't quite understand then
What the term really meant, so you said you'd show me
And I eagerly awaited that day.

That "day" came, but never ended
As it stretched for days, weeks, and months
You held doors, held chairs, held bags when we shopped
You smiled, spoke softly, held conversation with me
You shared your thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears
Openly with me as I shared mine
You were genuine, honest, beautiful, and true
You gave yourself to me entirely, as I gave myself to you

You wanted for me only everything I wanted for you;
A good life, a good love, a good bit of only the best
And it was then that I realized
That a "Southern Gentleman" was
Nothing more than being yourself,
Provided that I was myself too.

My dear Southern Gentleman,
Please never change the way you are
Your dreams, hopes, and futures will come to pass
Because you deserve only the best and more
And so, dear Southern Gentleman
Thank you for showing me always what that means
And for never trying to be anything other
Than a Southern Gentleman can be.

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