-{ Self Portrait }-

The girl who stares at me is beautiful
Maybe not on the outside, but her inside shines through
She is strong, proud, determined, confident...
She is the type of person you know
without even asking her name.

Her dark chocolate hair hangs in loose waves
that lap the edge of her ivory skin.
Her drowning, muddy eyes pull you towards her,
drawing you into her emotions as well as her soul.
Her face is hardly painted,
but it shines with a natural glow.
Her body is slender, but curves "in all the right places",
although she tends not to make this obvious.
Her height is small, her weight is perfect,
a balance many find attractive,
but one again she does not show off.
She is not modest, but she is human--
a fact she seems to keep close to her heart.

This girl is level-headed and loving.
Looking at her, you can tell
she doesn't like seeing others in pain.
Her enigmatic appearance is off-setting
in a world that likes to tell every story,
but that alone can hold ones interest
and she doesn't seem to mind being branded this way.
Her smile is contagious and her words honest and heart-felt,
a rarity on its own that gives her such charm and grace
that when one needs company for any occasion
they often think of her.

This girl, she knows she isn't perfect
but this simply helps to strengthen her
and no one ever sees her striving for perfection--
a feat she knows will never come to pass.
She seems content with what little she has
and bold enough to change what makes her unhappy...
these things cause jealousy in some,
but pride in others, hoping they too can be that way.
She sees in others' eyes and the way they treat her
that she is respected, loved, and cared for
by nearly everyone she has ever met.

She has her flaws, her lies, her broken heart.
She has her bad days, her sad days, days she wants to runaway.
She has her moments of defeat, denial, depression, and worse.
But this girl, this woman, she does her best
to keep these things buried beneath the good
and live each day separate from the ones that came before it.
Her imperfections, her "being human"...
these things keep her grounded, level-headed, and sane.
She knows if she tries her very best
no one will be let down if she fails,
and everyone will be so glad for her happiness
if she succeeds in what she is striving for.

The girl who stares at me is beautiful
maybe not on the outside, but her inside shines through
she is strong, proud, determined, confident...
she is the type of person you know
without even asking her name.

This mirror does not lie to me,
the face it reflects is my own,
and the one it sees is myself through and through.

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