-{ Princess On A Pedestal }-

I once met the perfect man
He was strong, attractive, genuine,
And he treated me like a Princess
(That he insisted I was)
And we were together for a while
Through both good and hard times
Through our laughter and tears
And we loved each other for who we were
And never doubted that, not once
And we grew together, strong and true
A "Princess" and her Prince Charming--
Nearly inseparable
And twice as content as we had been as friends

I'll admit, things would have worked out
If only I really was a Princess
Because of the pressure to be who I am not
I pushed this Prince away and hurt him
I never meant to make him sad
I hated seeing his tears
But the Prince had to realize
That I am not who we wanted me to be
And this fake Princess is sorry
To have broken such a caring heart
All because that pedestal is high
And I am afraid of heights

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