-{ Papa (Eulogy: RIP Papa) }-

Philip Bongiovanni was a loving person who meant many things to many people. To me, he was my grandfather, my Papa. It amazes me now to think of all the times I spent with such an incredible person, and how not a single bad memory comes to mind. He was always loving, always proud, always helpful, and most of all always there when you needed him most.

I guess most people hearing this would tell me I was lucky to have such a beautiful person in my life, but they would be wrong. You see, it's not me who was lucky, it was him for having so many wonderful people in his life--like myself, all of you, and all of the Angels who knew him while they were alive.

I know many people believe many things, and that maybe even all of us here today believe in different things when it comes to religion or even death. But one thing is definitely true no matter what we believe, and that is that Papa didn't earn his wings after he died--he had had them all along.

As he said to me, as I visited him for the last time, "True love never dies. When you have it, keep it always right here [in your heart]. True love never dies." And I believe this room of people, all of you, are more than living proof of that statement.

And I'd also like to tell my mom, one of his beautiful daughters, that she was right. He was a great Papa.

May he continue to do the two things he loved through life--live on in our hearts with every smile on our faces, and guide our souls when we need him the most.

Thank you.

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