-{ The One God Loves - Dedicated to Shelley Lynn }-

I never met an angel
As pure and honest as you
I never met anyone
Who did what only I knew to do
I understood you perfectly
As though you were myself
And I never stopped to question
The love you shared, unending

Those words of those who hurt you
     and all of their blue carrots,
These dreams of your white mare
     and her wings--large and free,
These words you shared with me
And these things we have in common
But you are so much closer now
To One whose love is undying

I do not fear cutting ties
I only fear the repercussions
The way I choose to live my life
Will probably stir some chaos
But this life is mine alone to live
And although I have cleaned my slate
I understand best your relationship
Two souls intertwined with fate

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