-{ Once More }-

Focused eyes piercing through
any walls made up of untruths
while gentle heart remains calm
held safe, deep, and always warm
within yourself you whisper truths
although these things are tainted fruits
you reach out to them still, unafraid
of all the things she said, she caved
gave in and gave up on everything with you
but you remained closer still, remained so true
and she wasn't afraid this time around
freedom realized she wasn't bound
to you, herself, or anyone now
and she remained grateful to you somehow
although the tears filtered past
they both knew these things wouldn't last
and the pair of broken hearts was strong
apart for now was were they belong
harder still was as such that night
it's fine, it's ok, it'll be alright
two souls revolving around each other
maybe one day they will be together
once more

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