-{ My New Year }-

This year is my year
This is the year of the Dog
... and I shall let sleeping dogs lie

Nothing of my past will follow me here
New and unnatural, I begin
... shedding skin is hard when it's solid

The Winters breath catches my own
This is my new year
... older, wiser... I am who I wish to be

Broken hearts, shattered dreams
They are only fragments of who I was
... I will not pick up the pieces now

Strong-willed and able to fly
Anything I want I can archive!
... this is my very first thought

Life ebbs and flows much like the sea
I will swim and never drown
... this time around

Happy Birthday to me, myself, and I
Independence and loyalty will be mine again
... I will destroy every bad thought about me

The violins play only my soul song
Listen to me and my silence will sing it to you
... this will be my greatest achievement yet

Resolutions under way, the dawn is breaking
My nightfall will only bring me strength
... solace will find me elusive this time around

Life is not as undetermined as they say
Destiny holds my hand this year
... fate has led me too long on her string

This will be my greatest challenge yet
And I am welcoming it and I am ready
... ready to finally find out where I belong

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