-{ Howl At The Moon }-

And you cry so fiercely you howl at the moon
All your anger, your frustration, aimed at the stars
Reaching, begging, falling to the ground
As the world weeps around your form

The rain does not lift your spirits now
You understand from whence it came
That alone aggravates your mood
Sending you downwards still into shadow and depression

"Stop it!" you shout, and the clouds answer in low grumbles
"I hate you! I hate this! Just... STOP!"
The sky illuminates your rain-soaked, angry body
But doesn't yield to your commands

This pressure of feeling completely picked over,
Left behind, thrown away, and so much worse,
Leaves you weak as you stumble back to your feet
And try to move on, try to escape altogether

But the one who has caused such a storm so suddenly
Might not be able to stop it now
Fueled by deep-rooted, off-set, raw emotions
They may not fully understand

Rest assured, the sun will return in all her brilliance
One day soon, everything wrong will transform again
And everything that has transpired will evaporate
Into a beautiful new day... the best of all days, for you

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