-{ Fly Away, Never Looking Back }-

All of your needing,
Wanting, and loving
All of it hurts me
More than you know

Your fears, insecurities,
Bleed me with guilt unseen
There will never be
A good time for these words

I know how you feel
You don't want to loose me
But you lost me when you found me
And you understand that too well

I'll let go, I'll jump I swear
To keep you intact I will fall apart
To see you go will kill a part of me
But never stop my heart from beating

Drained, strained,
Fumbling myself for you
I am not who I want to be, who I am
So this is good-bye

You might doubt my reasoning
I won't blame you if you do
Know I do love you
And wish for your happiness always

I just know myself better
Thanks so much to you
And I've realized you aren't the one
So I'm saving us both by setting you free

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