-{ The Best We Had }-

Reaching, reaching out to you
That was the moment that I knew
That you and I were meant for more
And that I could teach those wings to soar
Up higher than they had ever reached
And though our friendship might be breached,
We flew

Countless days and countless nights
We spiraled upwards in our flights
And balanced each upon the other
As though there was absolute wonder
Within our touch, our reach, our grasp
Remember when your kiss made me gasp
For you?

Times I spent within your arms
Warm and safe, away from harm
And times you spent held within mine
Warm and safe, sweet as wine
Ripened with age, our love it grew
Better and better each day we knew
The truth

Although we hit some bumpy patches
Together we were those burning matches
Burning those who stood in our way
So that we grew strong, come what may
And no one else could even stand
Against our strength together we band
I knew

Stars and skylines welcomed us both
As we continued our lives with hope
And dreams of a wonderful wedding day
For you and me no matter what they'd say
And our happiness grew times ten-fold
As we pictured our lives when we got old
We were

Lovely nights and crazy haze
Passed us by without much phase
And we stood stronger together still
Waiting for the nights to chill
Our passionate ways throughout the night
That never happened because it was right,
The best

And now we are still so content
When thoughts of us flow without repent
And we whisper words up to the stars
In the hopes that they'll act as jars
And shower these things upon our souls
Remembering these best days of old
We had

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